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View Diary: Over $4400 for Emergency Room visit--why we need Universal Healthcare (176 comments)

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    Sorry if I've offended you but my comments about commission were based on research of this particular private ambulance company.  I didn't just make it up. After receiving such a huge bill I investigated this company and found that it has literally thousands of consumer complaints filed against it for overcharging, charging for services they didn't provide, and--yes--it was stated they get paid on commission.

    We've had to call the local fire department a couple of times (once for a child who fell off his bike in our neighborhood, another time for a neighbor who thought he was having a heart attack), neither got a bill.  I'm assuming because our taxes pay for their services. These local paramedics were wonderful and professional.  My experience with the private company was quite different.

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      I'm sorry if I came across a little nasty. I was rather well inebriated by the time I came upon your diary. I'm not sure which company you're referring to but I have never heard of paramedics being paid on commission. Its made pretty clear to us that even accepting a tip from a patient for services is not just unethical, but illegal. Quid pro quo is not taken lightly, and that is federal healthcare regs.

      Complaints are nothing new. Ambulance billing is a complex subject. Plenty of it I am sure is justified, but much of it comes from a misunderstanding of what it is that we do. Its also a legal mine field, having to navigate the maze of regulations from state, federal, medicaid and medicare, plus HIPPA, COBRA, and others... all of which impose different regulations under different circumstances. Add to that that violations often lead to consent decrees and imposed compliance initiatives with the DOJ, which go beyond what the legal regs specify, well... you can probably guess that not one of my coworkers has a single good thing to say about our billing department.

      I'm empathetic. I really am.

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      by RadicalParrot on Mon Apr 22, 2013 at 04:03:04 PM PDT

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