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View Diary: "JEW ME DOWN": GOP Rebranding Effort Continues in Oklahoma (16 comments)

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  •  "the Jews business prowess"?? (10+ / 0-)

    Yes, you know, because we, "the Jews" has an amazing ability to conduct business. All of us. We really do control The Banks, and Hollywood, because "the Jews" are all so brilliant business people.

    Really? I'm supposed to take this as a compliment?

    Should anyone from Japan, China, Korea etc. feel complimented if someone off-handedly mentions that "the Asians" ruined the grade curve in their class since "the Asians" are so, so very smart?

    Should black men feel complimented when someone states that "the Blacks" are hung like a horse or are good dancers?

    And you really think that you're helping your case by saying that your accountant calling someone a "cheap Jew" is "stupid" but "not anti-Semitic"??

    Look, your handle is "Joel" so perhaps you're Jewish yourself, and I've interacted with you over the years via comments/diaries so I know you're not a troll, but you really might want to think about what you just said.

    •  Actually, you may have a point here. (5+ / 0-)
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      JeffW, ssgbryan, Lujane, ER Doc, SilentBrook

      "Anti-semitism" suggests that someone has hatred towards Jewish people (or, depending on your technical definition of the term, anyone of Semitic descent, which would also include Muslims). He doesn't display "hatred" here, but he's still revoltingly ignorant.

      "Idiot" is, indeed, the more descriptive term here--because not only did he use the term, he followed up with a joking "apology" a moment later that made it even worse.

      Anyway, title changed for clarity, so kudos to you to that extent.

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