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  •  I would have thought an argument could be made for (1+ / 0-)
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    sails being on the list. No other technological advance was responsible for so much destruction on a global scale. Sailing ships were responsible for the sudden introduction of invasive species like rats and snakes to naive ecosystems that were helpless to adapt. The resulting extinction of bird species alone was incalculable. Sailing vessels allowed the spread of disease to societies like the Inca, Aztecs and Native Americans that were as or more devastating than the military agression of the Conquistadors and English settlers who carried them. Not to mention the fact that sailing vessels allowed the introduction of invasive plant species that outcompeted the native varieties.

    Also, you have some explaining to do in your treatment of slavery as "technology". As a social and economic phenomenon it is abhorent but people create technology, they are not themselves technology.

    Likewise, conflating ideology and pseudoscience with technology, as you do with Lysenkoism (and the Soviets did) doesn't work for me.

    Finally, equating nuclear fission with juggling poisoned chainsaws? Are you serious?

    For the most part I've enjoyed reading your thoughtful intelligent diaries. This one was a huge disappointment.

    •  We couldn't have advanced technology today (0+ / 0-)

      if humanity had remained continentally isolated, so the destruction wrought by sailing was due to the low developmental level of the societies that had the technology, not the technology itself.

      Secondly, I did explain why I included slavery in a discussion of technology.  Read it again.

      As for Lysenkoism, technological development is simply applied science, so if you corrupt science and impose the application of nonsense, you create technology that doesn't work - i.e., Lysenkoist agronomy.

      Finally, equating nuclear fission with juggling poisoned chainsaws? Are you serious?
      Yes, and I explained why.

      Democracy is a habit, not a circumstance.

      by Troubadour on Tue Apr 23, 2013 at 09:00:44 AM PDT

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