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    RiveroftheWest, blueoregon

    Cody's is gone, but the buyer, the maestro behind what made it Cody's, has a bookstore called Green Arcade, on Market St. in San Francisco. It specializes in local history, the environment, and anything else the owner likes. It's quite small and quite wonderful.

    Black Oak in Berkeley was a great place to look at books. Their prices were high, so stock didn't move very fast. They had a great selection, the cream of what you'd find at a University town, both new and used. It was like a great library where you could buy stuff if you could afford it. Rumor has it that it was founded by former buyers at Moe's books, who for years skimmed the best stuff to build up the stock for their store. Now they're gone, but Moe's, all 4 floors of it, is going strong.

    Serendipity Books was one of the most amazing stores I've ever been to. More like Ali Baba's cave than anything else. It was an enormous cavern full of the most amazing books you never heard of, in great heaps and on shelves going up to the stratospheric ceiling. It was not near campus, so it was not as well known as the Telegraph and Shattuck places. There will never be another place like it.

    Adobe Books in San Francisco is closing after 25 years, being at the bull's-eye of Mission district gentrification. Supposedly they found another place elsewhere in the Mission. Great supporters of the arts and of everybody in general.

    I've never been to Acres of Books in Long Beach, a converted hangar, but I hear it was a place to miss.

    •  yes, I do love Moe's, found some great books (1+ / 0-)
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      there. I never went into Serendipity, but i have been a fan of Dark Carnival in all their locations. I went into Adobe once. I hope they're able to continue. Thanks for posting.

      Too many in this country feel the Constitution should include the 2nd Amendment. And nothing else.

      by blueoregon on Tue Apr 23, 2013 at 06:41:53 PM PDT

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