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    on each subsequent page - possibly list a "Home" button?  (this is via computer, not phone).  I know that one can always "go back" on the computer, and one can also hit the logo to go back to the home page, but given the wide abilities of computer users, sometimes making things easiest to navigate is the best way.

    So for example, if I click on About Winglion, on the right side are the "Quick Links".  Maybe at the bottom of each listing is a Home link, too.

    Please don't take this as anything but suggestions!  A friend of mine who develops web pages would ask me to do this sort of critique all the time.  :D  She would always consider the end user - how to make it as simple as possible for the most novice computer user.

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    by kishik on Mon Apr 22, 2013 at 04:05:42 PM PDT

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