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  •  Some observations (2+ / 0-)
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    paradise50, nomandates

    Those wishing to see how Joffrey reacts to Dany's arrival in Westeros with her army and dragons will be disappointed.

    Keep in mind the series' (of books) title is "Song of Ice and Fire," which should be a major clue as to the final decisive battle—which will not be for a mere iron throne. When you have a young lass with fire breathing dragons and an army of White Walkers who only can succumb to fire…need I say more?

    Martin's use of Point of View chapters is a very successful literary device: it enable us to be present and experience scenes we would only hear about second hand. Davos, the former pirate, for example, is our eyes and ears in King Stanis's court, offering our only clear view of Mellesandra. And he provides a vivid experience of the Green Fire defense against the invading ships, from someone on the receiving end.

    But being a point of view character is no guarantee that a character will survive. We have already seen that to be true for Ned, and if we are to believe the last scene of book five, another narrator bites the dust (although Martin is known for cliff hanger switches).

    •  ...I love game of Thrones... (1+ / 0-)
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      ...but if you read the books, you know it all already...

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      Ignorance is bliss only for the ignorant. The rest of us must suffer the consequences.

      by paradise50 on Thu Apr 25, 2013 at 03:12:30 PM PDT

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    •  12 Seasons? (1+ / 0-)
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      Storm of Swords, book three, was considered too long for one season on HBO; so it will be concluded next season. Book four and five are just as long, so four more seasons for them. Book six and seven haven't been published yet (possibly not written yet), but Martin seems to get more expansive as he ages. My guess is the HBO run of GOT will span 12 seasons. I don't see how the young cast can keep from aging.

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