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View Diary: Tarot: Shin Fool, Mercury Magus explained (27 comments)

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    "Taurus ~ Leo ~ Scorpio ~ Aquarius"

    1st mo. He: exaltation of the Sun
    2nd mo. Waw: exaltation of the Moon
    3rd mo. Zayin: exaltation of North Node

    4th mo. Heth: exaltation of Jupiter
    5th mo. Teth: (no exaltation) ~Sin
    6th mo. Yod: exaltation of Mercury

    7th mo. Lamedh: exaltation of Saturn
    8th mo. Nun: (no exaltation) ~Mem
    9th mo. Samekh: exaltation of South Node

    10th mo. Ayin: exaltation of Mars
    11th mo. Tsade: (no exaltation) ~Aleph
    12th mo. Qoph: exaltation of Venus

    I think the planets appear in the order of their distance from
    the Earth (looking out the window, or over the garden fence):
    Letters 2, 3, 4, 11, 17, 20, 22:

    2 Beth: Moon
    3 Gimmel: Venus
    4 Daleth: Mars
    11 Kaph: Mercury (as always, with Virgo)
    17 Pe: Sun (upon the arrival of Capricorn, like Christmas)
    20 Res: Jupiter
    22 Taw: Saturn

    Letters 1, 13, 21: Aleph, Mem, Shin:
    Air, Water, Fire.

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