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View Diary: Immigration Reform - Devastating for U.S. job seekers (76 comments)

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  •  This has to be the dumbest argument (5+ / 0-)

    You don't get it, but these people are already working, but they are doing it without any benefits, lower wages and without paying taxes.  If you are smart, you want them to be brought into the light so that you can compete with them on level ground.  You are currently losing out to them by not being able to work for what "job creators" are paying them.

    Now, the argument that you completely miss is that the progressive movement/democratic party is about human rights.  Your argument sounds like a Dixiecrat one.  "Those that are already here, and in our party, are the ones that are being disenfranchised, not those people who can be arrested for safely driving a car or looking tan."

    You may be a decent person, but you sound like a jackass (Reagan pictures everywhere, and that ridiculous line that Romney used at the Papa John's guy's house hanging in his office) that I used to work for who believed that the world would end if gay people married (also believed the world would end for a million different reasons, too; called himself a 'sort of prophet'), believed what country you were born in determined whether you deserved basic human rights above the preaching of the God he supposedly thought would end the world if gays could marry, and worshiped Reagan's job creators ideas like there was not tomorrow.  An argument that misses the human rights side of this issue, like any other, isn't looking very progressive to me.  It just looks more like a GOP spin on a human rights issue.  This one with a firm grasp on a misunderstanding of what is going on in the first place (see the wage argument above).

    Oh, and the unemployment rate is 7.7%, but way to inflate your number rather than simply looking up the real one to seem more intimidating.

    GOP: The only party stupid enough to try to say that rape is the new safe sex.

    by GabrielinNC on Tue Apr 23, 2013 at 05:11:15 AM PDT

    •  Thanks GabrielinNC, good analysis (0+ / 0-)
      •  Gabriel thinks the employers (0+ / 0-)

        will not fire the legal workers and entice the next batch of visa overstayers or border crossers.

        The unscrupulous employers will suddenly not care about their bottom line  and see the error in their ways.  They will now gladly pay payroll taxes, provide healthcare and good working conditions.

        Gabriel thinks 7.7% unemployment is OK now.

        Gabriel is naieve.

    •  The only human rights issue... (2+ / 0-)
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      ban nock, Crider with regard to people already here, and only some of them.  That the immigration reform bill creates new presumptions in favor of employers to bring additional people here suggests that the human rights aspect is being used to sell progressives on something that overall isn't a good deal.

      You know, I sometimes think if I could see, I'd be kicking a lot of ass. -Stevie Wonder at the Glastonbury Festival, 2010

      by Rich in PA on Tue Apr 23, 2013 at 06:10:44 AM PDT

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    •  up to a million guest workers, Per year (1+ / 0-)
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      those people are not working, they've never been here.

      How big is your personal carbon footprint?

      by ban nock on Tue Apr 23, 2013 at 06:20:19 AM PDT

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    •  Gabriel, they are " already working" (0+ / 0-)

      because they are exploitable, as you said:
       "they are doing it without any benefits, lower wages and without paying taxes"

      The employers who hired the current undocumented workers will just fire the newly legalized workers and hire the next wave of visa overstayers who they can exploit.

      By the way, 7.7% is approximately 8%, so I don't get that aspect of your argument.  7.7% unemployment is very bad.

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