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    It's the worst news, because like Joe Lieberman, it would've been more fun for his state's voters to forcefully retire him.
    For the record, Joe LIEberman was 'retired' by his state's voters.  That is the Democratic wing of the state's Democratic voter's 'retired' him in favor of Ned Lamont.  

    For those of us here in the Nutmeg State, it was the DLC/Third Way/Corporate Wing of the Democratic Party that cynically back-stabbed Ned Lamont in favor of Joe LIEberman during  the general election.  

    Ted Kennedy showed up and that was about it.  No Senator Obama.  No Clinton.  Crickets from brand name Dems who would have made a difference.  Chris Dodd has to be brought kicking and screaming to his 'endorsement' of Lamont.  

    Worse, the Democratic Mayor of Waterbury was allowed to endorse LIEberman with no push-back or repercussions.  Waterbury as it turns out made all the difference in the general.

    For the record, Mayor Jarjura of Waterbury unzipped his sheep suit and came out as the Republican that he always was or wanted t o be.  He lost in his feeble attempt at re-election as a newly minted Republican.

    This was a text-book case of the DLC/Third Way wanting their pony no matter what the consequences were to the Democratic Party as a whole.

    Is very bad to steal jobu's very bad

    by jobu on Tue Apr 23, 2013 at 11:13:44 AM PDT

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