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View Diary: Baucus out, it's Schweitzer time (134 comments)

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    I am having a tough time jumping on the bandwagon!
    Brian sold MT coal to the Chinese! To be mined here, put on trains, (up to 60 a day) to new ports in WA to fuel Chinese power plants. Just to have their scrubber free stacks rain sulfuric acid back on the Pacific NW. Major bad plan!
    My prediction is that Schwietzer will be a bought and paid for shill of Big coal, just like Baucus was a bought a paid for shill for the Health Care and Banking industries.
    Brian is a polarizing figure and will bring a whole host of nastiness into the state of MT.

    Last point, MT is currently generating most of its electricity from Hydro, Wind, and Nat Gas.   The push to permit the coal mines and build the tracks and ports will go on unabated, even though we will not be burning the coal in our power plants that meet environmental standards. That is thanks to Brian Schwietzer.

    Ok one more statement: Better than Baucus? Yes, but only by a slight degree.

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