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  •  Jeers to Missouri lawmakers who just pulled all (19+ / 0-)

    funds to print DLs:

    Seems some time ago, they decided to combine CWPs and DLs so cops stopping a motorist would also be able to determine he was licensed to carry and may have a firearm on his person.  It was a public safety issue to make cops safer.  Very laudable until GOP CTs got busy.

    Hang on for the explanation.  A legislator's wife testified that there was a UN plot, Agenda 21, to disarm Americans and install Obama as a dictator.  Since Missouri ignores the 2005 REAL Act, they were concerned that the state was keeping records on who had CWPs because the list could fall into federal hands.  Since this information was retained with the DL, the legislators have defunded the state Dept of Revenue's DL Bureau, the Dept of Public Safety and state Office of Administration.

    So it appears Missouri has quit issuing DLs. Of course, photo ID is required to vote so I am not sure how that will work out for the state and photo ID is required to buy a firearm, so the NRA should also be displeased.
    GOP has really hit the Trifecta with this one    

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