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  •  Oddest end has to be Catfood Commission (14+ / 0-)

    as Simpson/Bowles are making the rounds pushing a new meme on why we need to cut SS and chain it up.  I now have a question for Messrs. Simpson/Bowles.  Yesterday I found out you could not buy any sort of dog or cat food with food stamps.

    Recognizing that many elderly rely on SS for 60% or more of their income, many are on the thin edge between eating human food and eating pet food, I wish the two gentlemen would answer me if they would be willing to change STEM regs so elders could use the stamps to buy cat food?  If not, assuming food stamps are not adequate to cover an entire month's food and assuming that some elders lack the funds to buy even cat food by the end of the month and may only have food stamp funds (which are sufficient, let us say for two days' food when it is a week before the end of the month), what are the elderly supposed to eat those final days of each month (ignoring that many elderly indigent are malnourished due to a variety of reasons ranging from poor dentition to a lack of fresh fruit and veggies in the diet)?

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