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    When I got my right knee replaced, I got a little piece of plastic the size of a credit card with the name of the corporation who made the knee implant.  Then it lists my name, the date the knee was implanted, my ortho surgeon's name, and the phone number.

    My left knee is almost as painful as the right was before I had that one replaced, so I expect I'll get a second card for the other one when I have that replaced.  I have degenerative arthritis, so several bone joints are painful and not all of them can be replaced.

    I didn't get any such card when I had my anterior-posterior triple spinal fusion, and for that I have two titanium rods and titanium wire (looks like a large paperclip) strung through one side since I didn't have enough hip bone to make more fusion material, so only one side is fused with my bone.  I have the option of having the titanium rods and screws taken out, but I'm not doing that since the surgery didn't quite "take" and I still have pain in my back.  My spinal rods didn't seem to set off any metal detectors, but the last time I was at the courthouse I deliberately did not wear any metal things, wore a skirt so I could show the officers my scar if required, and the knee did set off the metal detector and I told the officers I have a metal knee and back and have an ID card for the knee.

    I expect I'll have to be hand-wanded at security for the rest of my life.

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    by NonnyO on Wed Apr 24, 2013 at 07:41:05 PM PDT

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