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View Diary: EPA Slams State Dept.'s Rosy Assessment of Keystone XL Pipeline (33 comments)

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  •  Link to EPA document here. (11+ / 0-)

    Took it from the LA Times story.

    Overall it is fairly moderately worded. Both the "Environmental Objection" and the "Insufficient Information" designations are the second-worst grade on each aspect, rather than the worst.

    One reading could be that they are giving State a chance to put a foot in the door.

    The other, that they are saving their arsenal for the final showdown.

    In particular, they are sending State to do its homework on the rail-transfer of oil thing, which was State's pretext for saying "the oil will move to market whether we build KXL or not."

    The are rather specifically requesting an exact assessment of how, where and why rail could fulfill that role, and asking not to assume there will be alternative pipelines built to other direction.

    Ball in State's court now.

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