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View Diary: How to Debunk the "Liberal Media" Myth (136 comments)

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    The "liberal media" meme is, as pointed out upthread, a deliberate attempt to "work the refs", who in this case are also the players.

    Remember that the right wing doesn't just yell "liberal media bias" every three seconds.  They also explicitly target media figures who don't kowtow to their standards.

    We need to start consistently referring to the MSM as "right wing media" (the term MSM is still useful if we can clearly make it a synonym for "right wing media").  Suppose the likes of Bob Woodward, Brian Williams, and Matt Bai were consistently called out in this manner, along with the rest of the puppets?  (But not all at once.  Pick one target at a time and hit them hard enough to affect their ratings.)

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