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    Ministry of a Government known to suppress data, raise the "safe" level to over 20, even over 100 times, the previous level, is to be believed with their 4,300 person sample, but Japanese doctors are too fucking stupid to count 133,000 children, count the palpable abnormalities, and work out percentages?

    Just like the Slavs in Chernobyl are too fucking stupid to count how many fill their beds and have been through for treatment, eh?

    Your "actual studies" can as easily be demonstrating that the melt-downs (and six months later the government was saying there were no melt-downs, though they knew within 48 hours), and more consumption of irradiated foods (especially milk, and seafood) has lead to an increase in thyroid problems in children throughout Japan.

    Think it through.

    Does your study say how many of the 4,400 were migrants from Fukushima? All I can find on that is a study done in Hirosaki which had 17 members, before the study was shut down at the request of Fukushima Prefecture.

    Children can also get thyroid abnormalities from plain old Iodine deficiency, so that would have to be tested for as well, no?

    The telling point would be thyroid studies done before the melt-down.

    After an hour of looking, for statistics for Japan before 2011, I can't find much as far as rates, but the figures I can find worldwide range from 1.2% to 3% of cysts in children.

    Of course, you'd still have to demonstrate what rituals and magic incantations one uses to make I-131 not affect the bodies of people when it's absorbed, in contrast to the known and well-established fact that it does, especially in children.

    Meanwhile, I'll go with common sense instead of people who have a personal stake in promoting the "nukes ain't no deal, radiation can't hurt you" bullshit we've gotten from official sources all down the line since the days of "too cheap to meter" and since the minimum allowable radiation dose has been lowered repeatedly, and by orders of magnitude since 1950. (Until of course, Fukushima, where US and Japanese authorities have raised it again.)

    Actual Democrats is the surest, quickest. route to More Democrats

    by Jim P on Wed Apr 24, 2013 at 02:12:37 PM PDT

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