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  •  Actually, it's both ........ (5+ / 0-)

    .... at least, according to this entry in Songfacts:

    The first 10,000 copies of the album included guitarist Joe Walsh playing a 90-second version of Maurice Ravel's "Bolero." Ravel's will stated that only full orchestras could play "Bolero," which is why that section was left out of the Rides Again album. It was reinstated for the Joe Walsh compilation "Little Did He Know".
    The clip you have embedded above .... does indeed have "Bolero" and then after a small rock riff-or-two .... segues into "Cast Your Fate to the Wind" for a spell before returning to the verse/chorus.

    "We should pay attention to that man behind the curtain."

    by Ed Tracey on Sun Apr 28, 2013 at 09:29:17 AM PDT

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