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View Diary: Odds & Ends: News/Humor (with a "Who Lost the Week?" poll) (8 comments)

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  •  I voted for the sorority officer resigning (2+ / 0-)
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    Ed Tracey, ilovecheese

    All of the choices deserve the loser of the week award, but I chose Rebecca Martinson as loser of the week because she is a loser not only for the week, but perhaps for her lifetime.

    Here is her rant and article and her twitter feed.
    This young woman lacks leadership, which is what I assumed was a requirement for a sorority officer.

    What should have been a feather in her cap for future job applications is now destroyed, although I would imagine there might be certain types of employers interested in her handling of the matter and her opinions on social issues, minorities and other women.

    She is a sad representative of college women and her twitter-feeds are much worse than her email to her sorority sisters.
    She is the type of woman who believes that women who dress a particular way deserve to be raped, but she writes that opinion in an uncultured, inarticulate, uneducated and undignified manner.

    She has zero tolerance for 'manly' women who wear "pink tomahawks and cargo pants" and readily mocks those she judges as LGBT, or fat and ugly.

    She brags about enjoying a good orgy and her sexual prowess at getting the jocks.

    She's offensive and abrasive and really not a nice young woman at all, and I wonder what her parents think of their daughter.
    Are they proud that their beautiful girl has such a trash mouth and snobbish attitude?

    I voted for Rebecca Martinson because I know women like Rebecca from my school years and years in the workforce and I have ZERO patience and empathy for women like Rebecca.

    That sort of felt good to get that out!

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