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View Diary: Clear Channel's Boston Billboard Tribute In Stark Contrast to Limbaugh's Cruel Bombing Jokes (17 comments)

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  •  Irony here is that a pressure cooker, improperly (6+ / 0-)

    vented, is a potential bomb; I grew up around pressure cookers as my grandmothers and mother and aunts were all avid canners and each year, much of the garden produce would go into Mason jars (other Mason jars went to other purposes by some male family members but that is another story)

    One year, my aunt left my uncle in charge of the canning while she ran back to town for more sealing wax.  While she was gone.  Somehow the safety vent was blocked and he placed the pressure regulator (the little thing on top that whistled) on incorrectly.  To make a long story short, the cooker exploded, demolishing the kitchen and landing him in the hospital for a couple of weeks with broken bones, burns and deafened by the explosion.

    It seems even among his own family, Rush was somewhat removed and aloof from every day family interactions not to realize how dangerous these devices can be

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