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View Diary: Clear Channel's Boston Billboard Tribute In Stark Contrast to Limbaugh's Cruel Bombing Jokes (17 comments)

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  •  The poor drug-addled moron just can't help himself (1+ / 0-)
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    Remember, years of opiate and alcohol abuse can take a terrible toll on an aging sybarite, undoubtedly with such high blood pressure that the sound of bursting arteries in his brain sound like someone is making popcorn in the room.

    In the meantime women keep marrying him, hoping that they hold the winning lottery ticket when he finally topples over and dissolves in a pool of acrid slime.

    But other than being the largest of Satan's Spawn, he probably is a lovely almost-human being.  Okay, human-form being, can we at least give him that much credit?

    Limbaugh is the clearest indication that the far right is not really all that religious, nor that they have any compassion worth noting.  They are thugs, and Limbaugh is their Poster Thug.  The face of the dark wing of American social and political life, the kind of person who used to defend slavery as of obvious benefit to those ignorant African emigrants.

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