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  •  As A Web Development Guy Myself (8+ / 0-)

    I totally get the use of algorithms. Makes total sense. But it also worries me a little. Lets take one group you called out in your Diary. Native Americans. I don't know how popular of a topic that is here, I mean the group makes up like 1% of the population. But until I came here years ago and started to read what navajo and Meteor Blades (and others) wrote, I had no clue.

    And I think it is a topic that is important. I mean I can't believe how terrible we are still treating this group of people. Now I am sure if I looked long and hard I'd find many sites that cover this topic 24/7 and in more detail then here.

    But alas that I can come here and read about the "popular" news of the day, and also about the situation for Native Americans, well I find that pretty darn "neat."

    When opportunity calls pick up the phone and give it directions to your house.

    by webranding on Wed Apr 24, 2013 at 07:01:16 AM PDT

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    •  In spite of the percentage of population, (8+ / 0-)

      Native Americans - on the reservations in particular - have the potential to positively impact votes for progressive Democratic candidates in a significant way in several of the red states in which they are located (or across which they span).

      Engaging actively with Native populations, helping to address issues to reduce the racial stereotyping, the voter disenfranchisement, the whole problem of invisible indians - "out of sight, out of mind, therefore not  problem" mentality - all those elements intertwine.

      This site enables us to engage in issues that may - according to some ways of viewing "the numbers" or doing "the math" - appear to be less statistically significant, yet can have major impacts on social & political fronts.

      Important, necessary impacts.

      Sometimes, doing the little things mean a lot more than the big things. The old "journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step" or "snowball rolling down a hill to become a landslide" thing...unexpected or unintended consequences of action v. inaction, attention v. neglect.

      And Native American issues are, IMO, a perfect illustration of that. Tremendous potential to address, redress and correct wrongs, and potential benefits for the nation, as well as this community and Native communities.

      Plus, the greater awareness of history & of Native issues has the additional effect of helping to expand our awareness and understanding of other issues pertaining to racism, bigotry, misogyny, homophobia, immigration, etc.

      It's a cascade effect that can help wash away the streams of RW b.s. constantly being directed at the public as a whole.

      •  I Don't Disagree w/ Anything You Just Wrote (6+ / 0-)

        and I am all in with the whole crowd sourcing thing. But I also think it is a job of an editor to decide to forward a topic that might not be popular, cause it is important.

        Heck here is a topic that is top-of-mind for me now and you know nothing about if you don't live in IL/MO (like I do). We're kind of flooding here cause our levees suck. And just the other day, 100 barges broken lose and sunk and slammed into bridges.

        I mean heck, the local rural business journal I get had a story that the Army Corp was working on a levee project. I was supposed to take three years. It is going on 17 and it still isn't done. The local town is going to court to try and take the project away from them.

        I could see how folks would say that is a local and/or regional story. Not a national story. But alas, I am pretty sure the next time you go to a store you will buy something that got shipped to you via the Mississippi.

        My mini-rant ended.

        When opportunity calls pick up the phone and give it directions to your house.

        by webranding on Wed Apr 24, 2013 at 07:24:05 AM PDT

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        •  You've effectively just re-justified why & how (4+ / 0-)
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          commonmass, Simplify, tardis10, oceanview

          ePluribus Media was so effective. It couldn't fulfill the promise of its potential due to some behind-the-scenes stuff, but if the proper infrastructure had been in place it would still be around.

          I think boatsie, here, has tried to organize some elements like what you've suggested. It's one of those things that coulda, shoulda been fostered which (IMO) could leverage the power and reach of the community here to the communities at large and help make a very important leap WRT news, information, reporting and vetting.

          Perhaps it can still happen.

          ...good luck with the flooding. Hope you and yours are managing ok.

          •  Here Is Just A Random Idea (2+ / 0-)
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            GreyHawk, oceanview

            Now I know at times a great diary will get promoted to the front page. But doesn't seem to happen as often as I think it should.

            Why not have a fund here and an editor, their only goal is to get a Kossack to go out and report on this or that topic. The editor could help them with the story, edit it, guide them. Make sure everything is accurate.

            The fund would be to compensate the person for their efforts.

            If we had something like this, the first story I'd pitch is the Keystone pipeline.


            I don't live that far from Woodriver IL, where in fact the pipeline is already built. I bet if I started to make some phone calls and take some pictures, well we'd maybe find out some interesting things.

            When opportunity calls pick up the phone and give it directions to your house.

            by webranding on Wed Apr 24, 2013 at 07:49:08 AM PDT

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    •  It would be a mistake (3+ / 0-)
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      Clem Yeobright, Eyesbright, GreyHawk

      To treat all important topics as equally important, so the question remains as to how to place issues within a hierarchy of importance.  I hypothesize that the left under-performs in part due to a failure to prioritize.  There needs to be a way to determine which issues are more important and the will to go with those issues when they don't include your personal pet issues.

      •  Currently, we're a 'marketplace' of ideas (3+ / 0-)
        Recommended by:
        webranding, GreyHawk, oceanview

        That's what Chris's diary is all about - with kos's imprimatur therein.

        Question is: Is that the best way to go?

        Secondarily, if people don't know that DK action is based on an algorithm - as I didn't before yesterday - does it make a difference?

        [And thirdly, there will always be the OPOLs who will scream "You guys made a decision while I was in the bathroom! No fair!" If credit/blame cannot be assigned to 'the algorithm', what is the cost of the blowhardry? Tolerable?]

        Too late for the simple life, too early for android love slaves - Savio

        by Clem Yeobright on Wed Apr 24, 2013 at 08:01:45 AM PDT

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        •  One Of The Best Books I've Read (4+ / 0-)

          in the last decade is the Wisdom of Crowds. Been thinking of posting it here for the last hour or so.

          I am dumbing this down a little, but the thought process, now called "crowd sourcing" is you can take a world renowned expert and pit them against a group of 20 "average" people, and the "average" people when presented with a problem have better ideas.

          I thought of this cause you wrote this:

          You guys made a decision while I was in the bathroom! No fair!
          Look we have all worked within groups. We don't always get our way. IMHO as long as I have a chance to make my point, if you don't agree, well I stop bitching and get on board.

          If what I think we should do doesn't happen and we fail, I might say, "I TOLD YOU SO," but that is it.

          When opportunity calls pick up the phone and give it directions to your house.

          by webranding on Wed Apr 24, 2013 at 08:12:55 AM PDT

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        •  Doesn't make a difference (2+ / 0-)
          Recommended by:
          Clem Yeobright, GreyHawk

          If based on a human entity making decisions, then the human is biased.  If based on an algorithm making decisions, then the algorithm is biased.

          The left and the right are no different in that most people decide on the preferred outcome then come up with the reasoning to get them to the place they want to end up.

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