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View Diary: Polls hint that campaigns against foes of background checks could have an impact with voters (64 comments)

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    to my analysis, if you add up the Electoral Votes of states in which both senators voted for the Manchin-Toomey amendment, you get 261 votes.  That doesn't include DC because they didn't have a vote, let alone two.  Include their 3 Electoral Votes, and you have 264.  

    That shows you how screwed Republicans are on the national level.  

    Add up the Electoral Votes of states where at least one senator supported the amendment and compare it to the states where at least one senator opposed it, and you get a 395-278 tally. The 395 number is just slightly higher than 59% of the total Electoral Votes represented in this sample.

    Still short of that magical 60 needed to do anything in the Senate.

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