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    A roll of mylar that is 4' wide by 50' long costs about $50. But...that's 200 square feet (18.5 square meters) of surface area.

    Scientists have calculated that per square meter of sunlight they can basically count the number of photons that come from the sun and measured roughly 1.3 KW of energy hits the earth per square meter.

    So that means the theoretical maximum of 18.5 square meters of sunlight is 24 KW.

    The cheapest full system solar power plants in the world are in Germany and cost ~$2.45/watt (In America is almost twice that!). A 24 KW full system would cost $58,800 (that's everything... including installation costs, permits etc)

    Obviously mylar alone does not a solar power plant make. Nor would it ever come close to 100% efficiency. But being literally 1100 times cheaper than THE CHEAPEST German PV systems in the world caught my attention. That number will dramatically drop once we add in all the other necessary components. But it provides a great place to start.

    If we can reduce the cost of a solar system it can be less efficient. Instead of trying to double the efficiency if we cut the cost in half and build two of them it's the same amount of energy it just takes up more surface area. Luckily we have the surface on both our rooftops and in open land. If we fill that we can shoot them into space (no joke. I was JUST talking to a NASA engineer 2 weeks ago about that)

    Most of the world's electric grid is powered with steam. We can produce pressurized steam with solar power and potentially for MUCH less than it costs to produce electricity with PVs. I think it won't be long before solar power costs less than fossil fuel.

    It's time for cheaper solar power! Zenman Energy

    by ZenManProject on Thu May 02, 2013 at 09:22:50 PM PDT

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