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View Diary: If you think Boston is a reason to abandon gun safety laws, you're a special kind of moron (118 comments)

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    kyril, FrankRose

    It feels like a bait and switch.

    I'm interested in how we can stop another Boston bombing.   It's a specific situation, and it provides a test for our "solution".  

    If you advocate gun legislation, and use the Boston bombing as an example, but the proposed solution doesn't meet the test to address the specifics of this incident, then that's a FAIL.

    It doesn't mean that your legislation isn't good, and doesn't accomplish many other things, but it's irrelevant to where the discussion started -- the Boston bombing.  I was in the market for a red car, and someone trying to sell me a blue truck and tell me how great it is.  

    That's when I move on to what I think IS the solution, which is how we respond to reported threats.   Tamerlin was reported as a threat.   If we had responded effectively, we could have stopped him.     I don't know what the effective response should have been, but that's where I think we need to focus our energy.   WHAT could we have done, once we knew Tamerlin was a threat, that could have effectively stopped him before he bombed Boston?

    I believe THAT is the real solution, the targeted solution, to the Boston bombing, and many other recent high profile tragedies.

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