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View Diary: Iowa anti-abortion radical: 'If someone would shoot the new abortionists' (72 comments)

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  •  there is no question that there is a two tier (5+ / 0-)

    system when it comes to responding to terrorism.  If the captured terrorist is a Muslim, everything halts while the full weight of the US government comes to bear to guarantee he is convicted.  This means his rights can be stripped, ignored, or generally overlooked as various legal fictions are brought into play.

    Tim McVeigh to the contrary, when it is discovered that the fugitive is a white RW radical, suddenly he becomes transferred into a criminal or psycho who is acting on his own completely without any support or encouragement.  For example, Rudolph did not exist for years in the wilderness without some sort of outside help.  It is not possible in today's world for  a fugitive to flee and survive without some sort of outside assistance.

    I note the RW is crowing over Boston as one commenter asserts that 99% of terrorism on US soil is Muslim backed.  When called upon this, he lists 9/11 and Ft Hood but he also included Va Tech and the USS Cole and Benghazi as proof.  We cannot allow the RW meme to get away with these silly assertions because they seem to catch on like wild fire      

    •  It also took a while to connect Rudolph's crimes (0+ / 0-)

      because his other bombings were of gay bars and abortion clinics - among the more likely targets for spotty investigations, especially in the south.

      Prayers and best wishes to those in Boston, in Texas, and for this week to be over without anything else happening.

      by Cassandra Waites on Wed Apr 24, 2013 at 05:33:15 PM PDT

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