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View Diary: The U.S., selflessly concerned about democracy in Venezuela, questions integrity of election result (233 comments)

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  •  Before this election (0+ / 0-)

    When Chavez was in his "is he alive or dead" phase, I read in a couple of places that the US administration actually kind of likes Maduro, and has had friendly back channel communications with him.

    And pretty much everything you just described, by the way, is quintessential meddling.

    let the Mexicans meddle if they feel the need. Why should it be us?

    •  If this is meddling, (0+ / 0-)

      then Latin American governments lobbying for passage of comprehensive immigration reform in the Senate, which they are all doing right now, is also meddling.

      I don't call that meddling. I call that democracy at work, on a global scale.  

      Meddling is sending spies in to break laws and cheat, not using formal, legal diplomatic channels to let governments know what your values and concerns are regarding an election.  Obama is doing exactly what we elected him for here, and he deserves credit for this.

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