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  •  For me it's growing season (9+ / 0-)

    I'm a lifelong (59) west edge Ridge resident. My dad used to be out in the field mid to late march with small grains planted in April and row crops like corn in mid-May. Back then the first week in May was the absolute latest time for killing frost with the actual last killing frost usually occurring in mid to late April.

    For home gardeners that meant the tomatoes could probably go in around the last week in April with only the slightest chance of having to cover or replace them due to freezing. The Mothers Day last frost has been moot for several years now.

    Our northern plains growing season, depending on the crop, extends from March equinox to September equinox. March is suitable for cold weather garden crops like spinach. If you wait until May to plant the increased sunlight sends it to seed. By September we're losing sunlight too fast to grow much of anything.

    This winter has been unusual in that it's been unrelenting. We had a late start to the winter but as I said, due to lack of sunlight, the extra warm open time during that part of the year is unproductive. We've had snow on the ground continuously this "spring." Monday about 5-7 inches. No crocuses. No tulips. No gardening.

    This year we've lost a full month of growing season and there's no way to make it up on the back end.

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