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View Diary: "Serious Discussions" with my Tea Party Father (38 comments)

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  •  It's a lose/lose proposition (13+ / 0-)

    because he's not trying to have a discussion, he's trying to infect you with his confirmation bias. "Liberals Are Evil" is all that drives the right wing.  It's bigotry, fear and hatred - there's nothing logical or factual about it. Circular Logic, self-feeding theories that go nowhere.  Global Warming is Bunk because, Winter.  The Carbon Tax is bad because, TAX!!  Creating incentives to move our energy consumption to renewebles and away from fossil fuels is bad because, well, (Corporate) people who've gotten rich from fossil fuels might not be as rich and other people - Liberals who invest in clean energy - might get RICH and that's bad because - GEORGE SOROS.

    Yes, it's a Cult. It's designed to be a Cult.  Your dad doesn't need a discussion, he needs Deprograming.  Their indoctrination works because they correctly note that the regular media - which isn't even remotely "Liberal", just semi-conscious - tends to treat their core beliefs as irrelevant, self-serving and insane - because they are - so these people have a natural distrust of that media, then Right-Wing media comes along and says, "See, they think you're nuts, so you have to trust us, Only We understand you, only we will be honest with you, ONLY WE will tell you the truth".

    And that truth is - "Every thing is SOMEONE ELSES fault - You are responsible for nothing, nothing is your fault, there's nothing you need to do to fix anything, you don't need to lift a finger - it's all because of those Damn Dirty Liberals, and by extension the Lazy Black People with their broken culture and entitlement mentality who can't seem to grab their boots and levitate with decades of racial scar tissue built into the fabric of their families, and the Gay's and their AGENDA to destroy the Family, and the Latinos who are trying to sneak in and steal the country like a band of Home Invaders - not that it's all racial, don't get the wrong idea or anything.  Black people (Allen West, Allen Keyes) and Gays (Ken Melman) and Latinos (Rubio, Cruz) who aren't Liberal and know their proper place are just fine.

    It's just that Liberals aren't Real Americans, that's all.

    This is what's your Dad is being told Daily, Loving Him for who he is - and ignoring what he believes - is just going to have to be enough.

    •  Yep (7+ / 0-)

      Sounds like the house I grew up in.

      I tell him that there are plenty of things we can talk about, as we have the same tastes in books, movies and music, but he just loves to "discuss" and "talk" about politics. I suppose, so long as you don't say anything to the contrary.

      The biggest indicator to me that I might be fighting a futile battle was when my aunt (his sister) told me that my parents had come to her because they were upset that their kids weren't interacting with him. That everyone (my brothers, as I had moved out by then) went to their rooms to watch TV or get on the computer instead of talking. My aunt delicately asked them if there was an hour where they could turn off the TV and use it to play a board game or something similar. The conversation turned to, "Well, it can't be 5pm because that's when  Beck is on and it can't be 9pm because that's when O'Reilly is on..."

      Needless to say, she facepalmed.

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