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View Diary: My Contribution to the George W. Bush Presidential Library (photos) (136 comments)

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  •  Serious Idea for anti-Bush Monument (17+ / 0-)

    Hi all!

    I feel funny whenever I (rarely) post, like I am not really part of the community. Though I joined in September 2004, and started reading before that, I'm one of those who comes to the site multiple times a day to read but rarely logs in.

    Since the day W. left office I have dreaded the opening of his library, just as I dreaded the unveiling of his official portrait in the White House. Predictably, President Obama spooned praise instead of scorn upon Bush. Obama just does not have it in him to be intentionally divisive. Thank gourd we do!

    We cannot stand by and allow the Bush record to be whitewashed! I sincerely believe that there needs to be an anti-W museum, preferably located within walking distance of his Presidential Library. I do not know what form it should take. I have envisioned an outdoor plaza with a multimedia display cycling through the numerous atrocities of the Bush presidency.

    To be honest, the first thing I pictured was burning him in virtual effigy using a sculptural form such as this while snippets of press coverage of his many misdeeds were projected. But I figure the rest of society does not seem to be as comfortable with rage as I am. It may be better to draw people in and educate rather than alienate with a burning effigy. (Frankly, though, is there a more fitting monument to him than an eternal burning effigy?)

    Regardless what form the monument or museum takes, I do think it is important to memorialize the truth of the Bush years in a publicly accessible location, ideally within walking distance of his propaganda palace.

    It would require a public capital campaign, selecting a site, designing and implementing a plan, etc. I think it is a major undertaking but that it can and should be done.

    Any thoughts?

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