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  •  Seahawks Pick soon, finally C&J (28+ / 0-)

    Cheers  To be one of the marchers in the Portland Rose Festival Grand Floral Parade.
     The Columbia River Peace Corps Association will  have a contingent carrying flags from the 140 nations in which Peace Corps has served or is serving.  If you are in Portland-(the Portland on the Columbia River)-on or around June 8 check it out.  I'll be the one carrying the Tongan flag
    This is it-I'll be underneath it.

    and a bit about the CRPCA Parade

    Maudlin, if you see the flag say hello

    Cheers to having a friend from whom I can score a ta'ovala.  Got a tupenu.  Not every day I get to walk through downtown Portland in front of a large audience wearing a dress

    Cheers   Today is sunny and mid 70s.  Figured it was safe to swap out the winter tires for the Summer tires so did it today and took most of the day off, hence my being on time today and in a better frame of mind than the last three weeks.

    Cheers to the little boy who offered me some of his goldfish crackers at Costco this morning.  Thanks Parker!

    Cheers to the silver lining.  Will be heading back to SoCal for a long conference.  By chance, the Mariners are in town so will see them against Anaheim.  Mike Trout Pint Glass night!  Be up on EBAY the next week.  Any Angels fans out there? Buy my souvenir!

    Jeers  That job I interviewed for last February-felt confident.  Didn't get it.  My college was part of a hostile academic takeover.  The old folks are being run out.  I am one of the old folks despite having just got here.  But I have a contract offer sitting on my desk and so a year to figure out what to do

    Cheers I guess.  Sat in on a training session from a former police chief of Spokane.  Only about 500 yards was the difference between Spokane and Boston.  That was about how much closer the bomber needed to be to set off the radio detonator on the pressure cooker bomb planted at the MLK parade in downtown Spokane a few years ago.  Bomber was too far away from the bomb for the signal to detonate it.  If it went off I am guessing it is a local story.  As soon as the national media found out it was not someone with dark skin, an Arabic name and any other thing that would allow them to scream terrorism they would have lost interest.  Just one of the local white supremacists.  On whom the police and FBI are keeping close watch these days

    "Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen." Hebrews 11:1. Keep the faith.

    by Tonga 23 on Fri Apr 26, 2013 at 04:40:09 PM PDT

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