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View Diary: This week in the War on Workers: Eric Cantor's plan to give bosses added power over the clock (56 comments)

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  •  Oh Wow ! This is something dear to my heart (8+ / 0-)

    though I took early retirement in 1998.  I was a state employee in a progressive Northern Commonwealth and in a regressive Southern State ('80's & '90's).  While working as a state employee in a high stress, unbelievably high caseload job/position for over ten years - child sexual abuse investigations & juvenile justice and foster care - and being forced to adjust time (fucking comp time) almost each pay period (they always ended on Th in FL - you would never see a State Trooper on the interstates in FL on Thursdays) always at the convenience of the employer, the state - and mostly without notice (if they happened to miss - say the supervisor was out and no one covered - then they had to pay overtime),  they had to and they did everything in their power to never have to do that.  I was a strong union member (AFSCME) but we had little power in a so-called "right to work state," Florida.

    Please, my fellow Americans.  Keep your dignity and your power (solidarity).  Fight this with all your might.  Look at solidarity in European social democracies.  France is a model to emulate.  Please!  Do not allow this.  It is wrong and it is an affront to workers - the working class.  My god - I am the son of a Steelworker (he died in 1969) and a Feminist mother (also died in 1969) who told me about FDR and my father's struggles (he faced violence) when he was on the picket line - on strike - at the steel mill.

    Do not allow this change.  I fear for four country and our middle and working classes.  The oligarchy is so powerfulf and ruthless in the US.  Scary.

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