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  •  The ultimate irony in all this... (1+ / 0-)
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    Mindful Nature that Assad is the last bastion of the Baathist movement, whose original goals,  if not the means to achieve them, don't sound at all half bad from a progressive standpoint.

    "Democracy" can be a two-edged sword, if the popular will is to, for instance, embrace theocracy and live under Sharia Law.

    I, old commie that I am, have come to cast a jaundiced eye over my own knee-jerk reaction that "popular uprising" has to automatically be a noble cause and be supported on general principle.  

    I happen to think that a "modern" secular state with development that benefits a lot of its citizens and keeps its oligarchs somewhat under control is actually preferable, even if it takes some stick (h/t Francis Urquhart)  to keep the reactionaries from disrupting things with their anti-modernist fanaticism.

    Baathism is old enough now to have thoroughly matured and become corrupted by the usual culprits of greed and tribe and excess.  It gets so bad that Sharia looks good.  But once upon a time the existing order got so bad that Baathism looked good.

    don't always believe what you think

    by claude on Fri Apr 26, 2013 at 08:28:45 PM PDT

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