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    a old college friend who did quite well in Democratic state politics and then ran for Senator in 2004. Boy is this diary right. He was a Democrat from the Democratic wing of the party and served for years as our state's SofS. When he ran for the US Senate he got handling provided by the Democratic party machine.  Even as a candidate they controlled what he said and his stances about the Iraq war, the environment, and both state and national policy in general. They threatened to cut off funding support if he strayed from the party line. They finally did cut him off when he strayed.  My husband worked on his campaign and said he spent all his time raising big money from donors on the phone and at fund raising events. He lost and in part I think because he was not allowed off the leash and because he was not part of the circle. Sad because he would have been a good progressive Senator. Makes me want to vomit also.  

    •  It's a sad loss, but he should have kept his (1+ / 0-)
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      mouth shut until he won the election. The progressives would know what the game is because they knew his positions before. Too bad, but you're right--the fact that he would have to keep his mouth shut is where the problem lies.

      What is truth? -- Pontius Pilate

      by commonmass on Fri Apr 26, 2013 at 10:46:00 AM PDT

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        who can read behind the lines were not a large enough block to win.This was during the Bushies regime and anti-war sentiment was strong. The Democrat's and liberals were starting to take our state back and people were engaged politically. He's not a raving far lefty firebrand just a real Democrat. Keeping your mouth shut does not really work to well for getting decent Democrat's elected.

        The mythology that the party machine puts out that blue dogs and 'centrists' are all we can get is just bs. They do not want liberals elected. Our friend says his mistake was letting these DCCC assholes run his campaign. He was too far into his campaign when he kicked the traces and began to campaign honestly. It is however really hard to not get caught in this circle if your running for a national office. DC's and the national party machine has tentacles that reach across the country. I now give directly to candidates and even have stopped donating to the various liberal orgs that are just DC astroturf.

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