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  •  I know, huh? (9+ / 0-)

    My experience with former colleagues who went on to work for our clients seems to indicate that, when they change sides, they forget the meaning of the word "objectivity." They start trying to get us to accept stuff which, when they'd still been on the government payroll, they'd have laughed right out the door. I really and truly hope I don't succumb to the temptation to go there. Plus I'd really like to spend my retirement being a man of leisure. If I need money really badly I'm sure I could find a nice gym to work at the front desk of for a few hours a week.

    •  that is their job then (1+ / 0-)
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      is it not? I mean they arent expected by the other side to be "objective" about what the other side wants?

      I dont get some of the irritation - sometimes - othertimes I do. It is in reality pretty natural, is it not?

      I talked once to my comapnys "environmental" people. "environmental" may sound good, but its their job to go to Brussels to convince regulation makers there to make rules from which we - our company - benefit monetarily. If that means we (are allowed to) keep spreading CrVI in our area, then well, so be it. That is what they are paid for. If they wouldnt do that job then they would not earn their salaries.

      While at the same time all we people working for our company are also citizens. And as such we may think that it isnt good to pollute the very area we live in ourselves after all, let alone all the others who have no relation to us.

      But we arent paid to think like citizens. We are paid to work for the monetary interest of the company. That is the deal any side-switchers would take of the ones you mention. If they take it, is it then so surprising how they behave?

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