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    FrankRose, Meteor Blades

    The state collects $25 for the DOJ required payment and the FFL is allowed to charge up to another $10. No one ever charges less than $10 since they don't really want to do the transfers in the first place.  It takes time and nets them pretty much nothing compared to an actual sale.

    Or for that matter, performing the paperwork for a firearm bought online or via the mail. FFLs charge at least $50 on top of the state-mandated charges and that's on the cheap end. I've known FFLs to charge $100 or more. Much more profitable than a private party transfer.

    i suspect many FFLs only perform private party transfers because California requires them to, and even then, a number make it difficult or require the transfers take place during a very tightly scheduled period.

    All that said, I am in favor of having sales go through an FFL and have no issue with a federal requirement to that effect. My main concern is that fees are capped at a strict and highly affordable level, or even free, and that FFLs get some sort of break for having to perform an extremely low profit service effectively on demand.

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