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View Diary: Victim Presumed Guilty or Why Generals Should Not Decide Rape Cases (34 comments)

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    I get the Damnit all the more.

    I agree with you - the military provides a sanctuary for many who should not be protected. My dad was lucky - he was also abused as a kid and used the military as an escape but he found my mom and she helped keep things under control. We had our issues, drinking being the primary one, but he never got violent with any of us. Thank God. Drink turns him into a big loving sap. I don't think that's the way it was with his dad though. He hasn't said but I'm learning how to read between the lines.

    I haven't compared the numbers but I probably should take a look to see how many cases of abuse of children there used to be and there are today... I wonder if there is a similar relationship to the amount of rape cases.

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