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View Diary: Obama to Congress in weekly address: End the sequester already (119 comments)

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  •  Great Act in the Great Political Theater (9+ / 0-)

    When will people stop being as gullible as I was/am?

    We've seen this "act/maneuver" followed by GOP condemnation so many times...Still trying it tho.
    If I'm understanding this latest bs correctly--this Originated in the Senate, by Dems?
    There was No capitulation and caving-It was by Unanimous Consent before moving to the House where Only 28/29 Dems voted with their constituencies?

    No "words" of support will work--The "rubber hits the road" with Action--Not feeble "justification and bs excuses" which leave politicians embarrassingly contradicting themselves....
    I cannot defend the GOP in any manner--However, to keep "it real" Dems really ought to stop blaming it All on the GOP--cuz, in reality--it's just not true. The voting records prove it.
    I believe if you are Not in the top 5% income bracket in this country? You have No Representation in Congress or at least the evidence points in that direction.
    Between the recent STOCK Act "gutting" and the FAA Funding restoration--clearly, Bi-Partisanship is alive and well--the rest is just bs to distract us, imho. Either way--Both Party's work as one and in unification as long as "it" serves them and the right class of "other" people.

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