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View Diary: * New Day * — How old were you on your first airplane flight? (329 comments)

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  •  My first flight (13+ / 0-)

    was in 1954 from San Francisco to Vancouver in a DC-6B. I was 16, and alone as my aunt and uncle had put me on the plane in SF. This plane had a semi-circular seating area in the rear as wide as the plane itself in blue leather, with low coffee tables where there were magazines and you could have a drink.
    The stewardesses were excited about this flight, too - it appeared it was their first trip up the coast, so these beautiful girls were looking out the windows and wondering what the towns were below. It was an absolutely clear day, and the pilot went on both sides of the Oregon Coast, so passengers on either side could see the beaches and the waves coming in.
    It was evening as we approached Vancouver, and the pilot came on the PA to say that we were ahead of schedule and he was taking us over Victoria, BC to see the city lights with the sun setting over the Pacific.
    This sort of interest and concern for the pleasure of the passengers I have never seen since that day! How times have changed......

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