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View Diary: * New Day * — How old were you on your first airplane flight? (329 comments)

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  •  Thank you, my friend. {{{{{navajo}}}}} (8+ / 0-)

    HawkWife hurt her knees at work a few weeks ago; she's been on leave since, another week or so to go. Ember is a little creakier, but still moving along. The two of 'em go on walks in slow motion, with the little one occasionally working out enough kinks for a few bursts of speed as she tries to hare off after a squirrel, rabbit or bird with HawkWife attached...

    ...I'm hopeful that we'll all be able to meet up again. (I posted a pic of you and HawkWife, and one of shanikka and HawkWife, in the diary you posted earlier with the good news from shanikka's operation.)

    If I do make it to San Jose this year, chances are it'll be alone - not sure if HawkWife will be able to schedule it, and she'll likely want to avoid having to kennel Ember, who won't travel well...she's just sailed by her 15th year as "the little brown dog" and just keeps plugging along. :)

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