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View Diary: "They Did Not Die in Vain... Much" (28 comments)

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  •  died entirely in vain (8+ / 0-)

    IF the first responders had died removing everyone from the blast area because they knew the fire would likely cause an explosion then they would not have died in vain. But the Texas morons in government don't see fit to require first responders be trained and notified of all the unique dangers specific to each industrial facility they might have to respond to.

    Fighting this fire was not the first priority considering the size of the fire and the volume of explosive material present. The first priority should have been to evacuate the possible blast zone.

    But before the fire there never should have been this many people put at risk for an insignificant (other than danger) facility. The plant should have been zoned about a mile from any occupied buildings, schools, and nursing homes. Reasonable safety precautions should have been established and the entire neighborhood should have been aware of the danger so that they could feel confident that people in authority were responsible and intelligent enough to keep people safe from KNOWN dangers.

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