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  •  Geez . . . haven't we seen this argument before? (1+ / 0-)
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    This the same argument for why we HAD to invade Iraq in 2003, even if the case for war was weak & even then obviously fabricated. Because after huffing & puffing & making threats, if we had done nothing it would have resulted in a loss of credibility. And it's the same argument for why, as everything was going to hell during the occupation of Iraq, we had to stay & "finish the job", because to "cut & run" would have resulted in a loss of credibility.

    It has always seemed to me that within America's foreign policy establishment (whichever party has the presidency), the bias is always toward intervention & war. So I commend President Obama for his reluctance to get involved in Syria, for his willingness, so far, to stand up to the chicken hawks who are already clamoring for intervention. He at least seems to understand that wars always have unintended consequences, & that military actions generate blowback in the form of anti-American sentiment, distrust of American intentions & even terrorist acts.

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