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    AT&T, but with regard to phone service.  In all, I had no phone service for about 2 weeks.  Aside from the run-around, they would make appointments and just not show up for them.  

    When they finally fixed my phone service, they knocked out my neighbors' service in the process (phone, internet and TV).  The lady of the house (a 60-something, petite woman who probably only weighed 100 lbs when she was 9 mos pregnant) went out to the guys in the truck to tell them what they did, and they told her she had to call the service line and set an appointment for repair.  

    Well, this lady is NOT afraid to stand up for herself (and has a black belt in karate to back it up!!), and she gave them a royal earful.  By the time she was done, they had her services back on and were groveling at her feet ...  and they were even profusely apologetic to me, too!  LOL.

    Thankfully, I don't have to deal with AT&T anymore.  Pulled the plug on that service earlier this year when I got a smart phone and went mobile-only.

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