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  •  Good Morning (9+ / 0-)

    Thank you for posting that tweet of mine referencing warren Mosler's Rebuke of R&R, joanneleon. A lot of my more knowledgeable than I #MMT friends were happy with my diary this week. I guess I am proud of it as well, because David Graeber is right. He also gave MMT a shout out this week as well. Part of the reason the austerity sadomasochism will continue is because we are not going after R&R at the heart of the matter.

    Too many deficit doves, although smart and well meaning, are accepting the premise and just pointing out it was insufficient to the premise, but it's a BS premise in general as I tried to lay out. Some of the comments were humbling in that they said they understand this stuff now because of me and that was cool. There were of course other comments I found baffling, disappointing, and not worth responding to; I was tired anyway because these types of diaries are mentally taxing.

    For instance that Maureen Dowd helped me write that diary and breaking out the Obama accomplishment list without referencing the diary some have an OCD with doing was just too full of the stupid for a response. I find there are sadly more comments like that these days. Also that Obama is pushing austerity because he is a Keynesian which is BS because we won't be near full employment anytime soon and growth is likely to be weaker and weaker as well as the poverty not recorded with many of our flawed metrics that do not officially publish the employment population ratio.

    Also as Letsgetitdone pointed out to people mine is a Post Keynesian MMT critique which has the beast record and is closer to what Keynes originally meant despite disagreeing with him about paying for spending after the slump(and he wrote that there would be a time we wouldn't have to pay for it and he was right because the Bretton Woods system he started and was perverted with the barbarous relic he would not have liked needed leaving room to spend only constrained by inflation.

    Anyway you all know most of the negative responses and outright propaganda like this was just that. I'm happy with the diary(one of my best I think) and that it made the rec list an stayed for awhile even though it was wonky. Cut and paste my ass. I'm glad I laid it out there and thank you for your support. I have a weird love hate relationship to blogging and writing. i want to quit after writing each one. I may not be able to keep it up because of life problems might creep up on me in the future, mostly financial, but for now I like days I do a good job on something.


    Today was about the Boston Bombing, but not all of it. It was also thankfully about the hunger strike in Guantanamo no one is paying attention to. That and the stupid Bush Library and Presidents' legacies in general now on #Uppers.

    Thank you for reading, joanneleon, and everyone.

    I don't negotiate grand bargains with deficit terrorists!

    by priceman on Sat Apr 27, 2013 at 07:36:12 AM PDT

    •  Wow, some great stuff there (7+ / 0-)

      in the comment and tweets, priceman. Great to see you. That was a great diary this week and it really does say something big that a wonky diary stayed on the rec list for so long.  Almost reminds you of a time when this blog used to have things like that all the time.

      Glad to hear that Uppers covered the hunger strike at Gitmo.  Carol Rosenburg deserves a Pulitzer for her work. Seriously.  

      I do hope that the strong MMT/Post-Keynesian voices take advantage of this opportunity.  Opportunities like this don't come along very often. This is a major one.  They need to get out there (and they are, I realize) and yell as loud as they can, grab onto this and not let it go, rinse repeat over and over.  Boil it down for people, bring it down to bite-sized pieces.  The big reason that the R&R trainwreck got the attention was because it was understandable.

      We need the long, explanatory pieces but we also need the bite-sized pieces to inform as many people as possible.  Dean Baker did a great job, jumped out there quickly rebutting the R&R op-eds.  Krugman is getting better and better with the memes and quick responses too.  I am really hoping that everybody grabs on to this and does not let go. The timing could not be more perfect as the big austerity pieces are being put into place, or will be soon.  Seize the day. (hope you keep them coming, priceman because we have the Durbin commission coming up, the budget crap, sequester replacement, supposed tax reform, etc.  All of it seems to be contingent on the immigration bill, if Lindsey Graham is to be believed. He said that the austerity and "entitlement reform" is in the queue but immigration has to be taken care of first).

      "Justice is a commodity"

      by joanneleon on Sat Apr 27, 2013 at 08:00:19 AM PDT

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      •  Heh, I just realized how long that comment was (6+ / 0-)

        Thanks. It did remind me of what used to be in this community. I will try, though it's weird when lightning strikes. Some weeks I feel it and some I don't. I knew I had to weigh in on this.

        Yeah, I was happy about the Guantanamo coverage and indeed she does.

        Thank you. Great to see you, too. Yes Dean baker has been great and Krugman has improved a lot?(in that he had enough). The bite sized pieces are important. The MMT writers are latching onto this and they always have an uphill battle but also have the best rebuke and analysis.

        We won't take this lying down.

        I don't negotiate grand bargains with deficit terrorists!

        by priceman on Sat Apr 27, 2013 at 08:09:35 AM PDT

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