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View Diary: Hansen calls for an End to Subsidies that ensure our continued Oil Dependency (17 comments)

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  •  well its depend on how the Tax law gets written. (4+ / 0-)

    Much of what I read, talks about tax credits or direct annual rebate checks.

    In Alaska the state citizens get an annual check based on the state's oil profits, that year. I think it averages about $2000 per year -- which to subsidence life-styles, can make all the difference.

    With such market-based solutions there usually is no special help for the poor -- Alcohol Taxes & Tobacco Taxes, impact the poor just like everyone else.

    Many there could be created some supplemental program like Food Stamps -- Heat Stamps, Petro Stamps -- but I doubt such new bureaucratic programs would stand a chance of getting off the ground.  The shortfalls would have to be made up with existing programs, something like Food & Gas Stamps.

    I dunno, good questions  joedemocrat.  Hopefully others here, have better answers on this than me.

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