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    I'm 62
    I think what a lot of younger people don't quite understand is that Obama understands the perpetuators of evil and the mass brainwashing they employ to twist the dialogue.
    One of those eery things. One of the first things Reagone did in 1981 was fire thousands of striking air controllers. The start of Union busting. The TWIST being who started what & I'd rather have healthy Union air traffic controllers.
    It's the psychology of the thing. A plane crashes because of lack of controllers. The blame goes to Obama.
    I think Obama's doing a good job, flying under the radar & spottin' "perfect repuke storms" I'm sure it isn't easy.
    Has he made some mistakes because some of the people under him haven't been forthwith. Yes. The only major one I can think of is the Mass. DA., whatever her name is should be at a desk lickin' stamps. Bad energy. He needs to tune his radar on some & question whether they are putting out good energy or bad. I don't blame him. It isn't easy. Obama knows who we are fighting.
    P.S. The new bush/chainy I'monnia latrine looks like one of those buildings hitler built. Perfectly nauseating. It wouldn't surprise me, a dimensions copy. That's their mindwash!
    The funny thing is it's the only Prez. liebury with a hole bunch of nicknames :)
    And to add to the WHOLE tinfoil hat:
    I still think the current wars were started to divert attention from cloning. Can you imagine trying to tell the difference between cloned bush"s? One would say one word of a sentence. One another. It wouldn't be a long sentence.
    I hope I'm OK doing some humor in such a sad time.

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