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View Diary: Colbert's Speech at the White House Correspondents Dinner (135 comments)

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  •  Olbermann didn't like Colbert's speech at dinner (6+ / 0-)

    too much which surprised me. I just tried to find what he said and only found references to it. From memory he didn't think it was the place for that and wasn't that funny? I expected him to be as enthusiastic as we were.
    Salon article Lou Dobbs, Stephen Colbert and the myth of the liberal media says

    On “Countdown,” Keith Olbermann wondered whether Colbert had used “the right tone at the right venue” or whether “a line” had been “crossed here in some way.”
    Oddly Scalia found it hilarious. Not only did he openly laugh during speech as Steven reported what it was that Scalia said to him when he came up to him after it
    From the Atlantic Colbert Dishes On Bush, Glenn Beck, and MSNBCreport on a panel discussion at Chicago's Second City comedy troupe
    Then Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia came his way and told him he was brilliant.

    "I said, oh, s-, don't let me like Antonin Scalia!"

    Steven told them that he self edited during the routine seeing Bush's reaction... he held back on some of what he planned.

    I am amused by the way I have heard him respond to questions about how people reacted to him at the dinner... I've heard him say "They were very kind to my mother". When pressed about any negative reactions he'd just repeat "They were so kind to my mother"

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