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  •  Liberty attire (4+ / 0-)

    At least for us, the "utility""battle""operational" uniform is not acceptable liberty attire.  It is allowed for commuting (including short stops such as for gas), and for travel when in a duty status.  Only the "dress" uniforms are allowed for liberty purposes.

    They kept changing the rules on whether or not the utility uniforms could be worn in an office it is up to each unit commander to decide.  The rule of thumb these days seems to be that if you're going to be interacting with members of the public who are in business attire, then dress uniforms prevail.  If you are interacting with industry, people in working attire, then the utility uniform is appropriate.  And of course, if you are going to be working, getting dirty, exposed to the elements, the utility is necessary (and/or coveralls, cold weather gear, PPE, etc.).  We have a huge chart of which uniform is appropriate for which situations :)

    As far as the camo, I understand that it makes sense to save money and just have everyone wear the same pattern of utilities, even if camo isn't needed in an office environment.  I agree that it's kind of silly for people in offices to wear camo, although I saw a hilarious picture making the rounds on FB a while back that showed a guy in digital camos blending into the carpet in an office setting...the title said something like, "Now I know what the camouflage is for."  Wish I could find that pic to share here...!

    and now I'll hurry up and get off your lawn! ;)

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