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  •  A note regarding rendering plants- we all know (4+ / 0-)

    what they do at one but few know the final products produced. The only reason I know this and know it to be fact and not some grist mill rumor is because I once worked at one- worst job I've ever known to exist and one job that you'll never see on "Dirty Jobs". They don't want you to know.
        The process is accomplished by a series of screw augers of varying sizes and pitches to grind say, a whole horse down  to a oozing goo of shit so foul it's beyond one's  comprehension. It is basically boiled at that point, pumped into refraction tanks, where it then settles into layers.
        The very top layer is plastic and foam from the rotten meat packaging from grocery stores. It is a product used in hog feed.
        The next layer resembles solid Crisco- no, it looks exactly like solid Crisco. Take a wild guess what its use is? It's a rendering plants most valuable product.
        It is the base for womens make up. Yes, you read that right, from lip stick to mascara and everything in between.
       Yum yum, gives a whole new perspective on sucking face...
       The irony is that the layers towards the bottom are what you see listed in pet foods as "animal by products", the ground up bones, ect.
       So essentially by sending pet carcasses to a rendering plant they become pet food.
       A real life dog eat dog version of Soylent Green.
       To further make you chunk up your breakfast; the plant I was working at had burned down, I was there as part of the crew rebuilding it. Most foul shit I've ever endured to say the least but I was a kid and the money was beyond phenomenal.  Because it'd burned, all of the machinery had to be dismantled, the "product" was put into 55 gallon drums where it sat until the equipment was brought back online.
       The very first batch of shit run through the new system was the "product" in those drums, which by then were nothing more than drums of maggots.
       It became the first batch of "base", the highly valued product mentioned above, womens make up come off of the new line we'd built.
       Haven't been hot to trot for any woman wearing make up since....


    Be the kind of person your dog thinks you are.

    by teabaggerssuckbalz on Mon Apr 29, 2013 at 04:11:46 AM PDT

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