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View Diary: Let Them Eat Metaphors, Part 1: The Indo-European Hypothesis (69 comments)

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  •  I had a great prof as an undergrad... (14+ / 0-)

    and her course in the history of the English language was my gateway drug out of literary studies and into linguistics. In addition to the quality of instruction in the course, I also loved our textbook, which was wonderfully progressive, mind-blowing for someone new to linguistics (as I was at the time), lively, a little snarky, and an all-around fascinating read. I'll probably be dating myself by identifying it, but it was W.F. Bolton's A Living Language. It's long out of print now, but I still have a copy and I still like to dip into it every now and again. Great stuff. And there are probably plenty of cheap used copies out there.

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