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View Diary: Struggle and Faith: How Occupy Has Taught Me To Tolerate Religion (231 comments)

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    to the given to task.  As you said:

    When we discuss the Bible accurately--as a compilation of thousands of years of writing, describing a mythologized cultural history, including a profoundly inspirational spirituality, that has been edited at various times by fallible humans with their own agendas--we do the best possible work of challenging & countering literalist fundamentalism...
    I don't think the fundamentalist are even half as literalist is they claim to be.  They are frauds using the Bible for their own political purposes.  I don't take the Bible as the literal word of God, either, but if I did, I wouldn't be able to submit to the kind of sophistry and cherry-picking that they engage in to rationalize the correctness of political views that run counter to the clear calls to help the poor and downtrodden in the Bible.  Leviticus may call for the killing gays, and a literalist can throw that in your face, but when Fundamentalists pluck that cherry out of the Bible to use against their enemies, they are turning a blind eye to the many other important passages that condemn to Hell those who don't help the poor.  And if you read Fundamenatlist websites, you'll see that this does occupy them, explaining away through various types of specious arguments that the things Jesus said don't mean what they seem to say.  

    So don't buy into the crap that they're literalists.  They certainly aren't.  They have a slanted political POV and the Bible is just a tool to promote it.  When it helps, they use it, and when it opposes them, they avoid it and rationalize it away.

    Use it against them.  Expose them for the frauds they are.

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